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Reindeer Moss packing

1 unit of Reindeer Moss

1 layer of reindeer moss

One unit of our preserved reindeer moss is 60x40x9cm and 3 kilos.

Small box

1 small box = 2 units

A small box contains 2 unitsThe box is 60x40x20cm, and it’s weight is 6 kilos.

The upper layer is positioned upside down so it doesn’t crumple the bottom later.

Big box

1 big box = 6 units

A small box contains 6 unitsThe box is 60x40x60cm, and it’s weight is 18 kilos.

It is positioned in 3 pair each just like in a small box

Euro pallet

1 pallet

One pallet is 800x1200cm.

We can stack up to 12 big and 12 small boxes with 96 units in total.

The size of one pallet is 120x80x237cm and it weights about 300 kilos..

Euro truck

Euro truck = 33 pallets

Standard euro truck can take up to 33 pallets.

3168 units in 792 boxes

Shipping container 20'

20-feet container = 11 pallets

Standard 20-feet containter can take 11 pallets

1056 units in 264 boxes

Shipping container 40'

40-feet container = 25 pallets

Standard 40-feet containter can take up to 25 pallets.

2400 units in 600 boxes